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Molecular Discovery Training

Do not miss our fine training courses around the globe!

Please note, the training seats are usually very limited, so book yours as soon as possible.

Molecular Discovery Mass Spec tools and Metabolism training: MetaSite/MassMetaSIte/WebMetabase/Lipostar

We are delighted to announce the new USA training session for 2017. Since we are covering many different topics and people may have variety interest we have thought of a system where the user can choose the topic that they would like to follow in the different sessions. We are covering in this training: Prediction tool for metabolism, metabolite identification expert tools, database, reporting and lipidomics. All the attendees will have access to all the material, but the training will be focused on the selection made in the subscribing form that will be sent upon request to training@moldiscovery.com.

Training date: 4th of June 2017 (Sunday before ASMS)

Place: Indianapolis (TBD)

Schedule: - 8:00-9:00 Welcome and introduction to Molecular Discovery

  • 10:00-13:00 Select one of the sessions from the options above

  • 13:00-14:00: Lunch

  • 14:00-17:00: Select another session from the options above

Contact: training@moldiscovery.com

Price: 500 $

Mandatory bring a computer to do the training

Session 1

MetaSite: Site of Metabolism prediction (3 hours)

  • Presentation (30 min): MetaSite theoretical presentation.
  • MetaSite hands on sessions ( 2h 30 min):
    • SoM prediction.
    • 32D.
    • Metadesign.
    • Metabolite prediction

Session 2

Mass-MetaSite (3 hours)

  • Presentation (45 min) Mass-MetaSite Theoretical presentation.

  • Mass-MetaSite hands on sessions (2 hours and 15 min.):

    • Different modes of action:
      • Standard.
      • GSH.
      • Peptide
      • Batch process: Sample list preparation

Session 3

Mass-MetaSite/WebMetabase interaction (3 hours)

  • Presentation ( 45 min): WebMetabase: User & Workgroups, protocol definition.

  • WebMetabase hands on session (2 hours and 15 min)

    • Protocol definition.
    • Batch processor.
    • Calibration lines.

Session 4

WebMetabase (I) (3 hours)

  • Presentation (45 min) WebMetabase: Approval process and analysis tools.

  • WebMetabase hands on session (2 hours and 15 min):

    • Approval process.
    • Déjà vu.
    • Kinetic analysis.
    • Analysis tools.

Session 5

WebMetabase (II) (3 hours)

  • WebMetabase Hands on session (3 hours)
    • Fragment Structure Edition
    • Fragmentation tree for parent compound
    • Processing unexpected metabolites
    • Manual Markush Edition
    • Metabolic pathway kinetic analysis
    • Peptides Mode.
    • Import/export experiments
    • Business intelligent Analysis tool
    • Chromatogram Browser: looking for non-detected peaks and reintegration.

Session 6

WebMetabase reporting (3 hours)

  • Report system
    • Jasper report system
    • WeebMetabase variables
    • Modify an existing template
    • Do a new template

Session 7

Lipostar: Lipodomic approach