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Lipostar is the latest software from Molecular Discovery, developed to assist LC/MS-based lipidomics from the very beginning (direct import of raw data files) to the final goal (lipid identification, statistical analysis, report generation).


Due to its versatility, Lipostar finds application either in untargeted, semi-targeted or targeted lipidomics, and dedicated workflows have been also developed to assist flux analysis when stable isotope labeling experiments are performed. During a Lipostar session, the user can also combine different modes of lipidomics analysis, to increase the knowledge and obtain a more comprehensive analysis of lipid profiles.

Key features include automatic lipid identification (with or without the use of a lipid fragment database) and an ultimate module for statistical analysis, designed to be user-friendly for beginners as well as exhaustive for advanced users.


  • Fast and intuitive filters to pick lipids in complex mixtures
  • Reliable sample alignment, with algorithms to get rid of the batch effect
  • Fully automatized procedure for prediction in statistical analysis: build your model and project new samples in a single click (from raw data to projection plot).
  • Module (the DB Manager) to build customized databases of fragmented lipids, including stable isotope-labeled species.
  • Automatic lipid identification, with or without the use of a lipid fragment database.
  • Automatic report generation


Goracci L; Tortorella S; Tiberi P; Pellegrino RM; Di Veroli A; Valeri A; Cruciani G,
Lipostar, a Comprehensive Platform-Neutral Cheminformatics Tool for Lipidomics.
Anal. Chem., 2017, 89 (11), pp 6257–6264