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Feb. 16, 2009, 6:23 p.m.

New Release! VolSurf+ 1.0

Vsplus modellerUse predictive ADME more effectively in lead identification and optimization. Calculate over 100 GRID-based ADME relevant descriptors to prioritize hits, create and explore models, and interactively optimize compounds in ADME space using created or provided libraries.

VolSurf+ is a completely re-architected solution based on the popular VolSurf 4, with improved usability and data handling, as well as new descriptors and analyses.

Multi-platform support enables computational and medicinal chemists to work together more effectively, and three task-based interfaces are now provided to help support this: VolSurf+ Selector enables the virtual screening of compounds using ADME relevant descriptors, VolSurf+ Modeller enables the detailed modelling of physicochemical properties through a range of statistical analyses and graphs, and VolSurf+ Designer allows the interactive design of compounds with simultaneous projection in multiple models.

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