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Oct. 17, 2011, 8:30 a.m.

1st Mass-MetaSite user meeting. The beginning.

We are delighted to announce the first Mass-MetaSite user meeting. During a one day workshop users will present their results, comments and experiences accumulated in their first year of working with Mass-MetaSite. In addition new users will be trained and assisted by MD staff during a hands-on session, designed to show the different steps of the process. The specialised Molecular Discovery staff will be available to clarify and assist during all the training procedure.

Location: Frankfurt at The Squaire (http://www.thesquaire.com/en/)

Date: Friday 25th of November 2011


10:00-11:00: Introductory Seminar and welcome: Ismael Zamora: "Principles of Mass-MetaSite and MetaSite".

11:00-12:00: Agilent ''The platform Agilent-QTOF''

12:00-13:00: Lunch

13:00-13:30: Andreas Brink from Roche: “Mass-MetaSite: A software tool to support metabolite identification in early drug discovery using QTof-MS accurate mass data.”

13:30-14:00: Marie Ahlström from AZ: “MassMetaSite speeding up the biotransformation input in drug design”.

14:00-14:30: Markus Trunzer from Novartis: “How to fix Metabolic Clearance in Drug Discovery”.

14:30-16:00: Hands on session on MassMetaSite

  • Metabolite ID workflow: From raw data file to report
  • Settings: how are they affecting my calculation?

16:00-17:00: Hands on session on WebMetabase

  • Kinetic Workflow: From experiment definition to database
  • Cytochrome Reaction Phenotyping

17:00-17:15: Closure

Contact person: blanca@leadmolecular.com,  paolo@moldiscovery.com